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Dominica - the unspoiled island of nature. Located in the Caribbean north of the Lesser Antilles. Area of ​​751 square kilometers. The population of 71,000, mainly black and black and white mixed race, most residents believe in Catholicism. English is the official language. The currency is the East Caribbean dollar. The capital is Roseau.

Application Requirements

- The main applicant is 18 years of age or older
- No criminal records
- 100,000 US dollars investment


Project Benefits

- One-person application for only $100,000 USD,

- A fast way to obtain a North American passport

 - A well-established UK parliamentary system of democratic institutions
- Good security and low crime rates
- No residence requirement, no asset requirement, no need to prove source of assets, no start-up requirement, no language requirement
- Recognition of dual nationality

- One successful application includes, parents, children and even grandchildren
- Obtain passport right away
- Passport provides visa-free access to 125 countries

- Legally avoid taxes
- Enjoy British education

Application Process

- Sign agency service agreement
- The applicant prepares the material
- Lawyer reviews information
- Submit materials to the government
- Due diligence (checking of documents and information)
- Obtain a reply
- Complete the remittance (investment)
- Obtain naturalization certificate
- Get your passport

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