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Canada Family Immigration

Canadian citizens or permanent residents (ie guarantors) can apply for their spouses (ie applicants), children under 22 and their parents to settle in Canada as long as they can provide sufficient assets or income certificates. After meeting certain requirements, you can apply to become a Canadian citizen and obtain a Canadian passport.


Relatives that can be sponsored by Canadian citizens/permanent residents include

  • spouse

  • Children under 22

  • parents



The guarantor must meet the following requirements

  • Provide residence for applicants

  • Provide proof of sufficient assets or income to prove that the guarantor is capable of taking care of the applicant to settle in Canada

  • Live in Canada or intend to settle in Canada in the short term



Applicants must meet the following requirements

  • Provide proof of relationship with the guarantor



Mention you:

  • In recent years, the Canadian Immigration and Immigration Service has become more rigorous in reviewing the "Intention To Settle In Canada" of sponsors residing outside Canada, and more relevant certificates will be required when applying.

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