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As the country with the lowest amount of investment required in Schengen, a green card can be obtained in one step. The application cycle is short, only one person has to apply for family immigration, coupled with sound laws and regulations, it has become one of the best springboards to enter Europe.

Project Benefits
  • No fund review: no need to provide proof of assets, no need to explain the source of funds

  • Simple requirements: just meet the purchase requirements, you can apply with the purchase contract

  • With the simple and fast process, the residence permit can be issued within 2 weeks;

  • Welfare education: enjoy free teaching in Greek public schools

  • Ease of doing business: Greece's ease of doing business is among the best in the world, and the business environment is first-rate

  • Available for business and employment: With a temporary residence permit in Greece, you can work or start a company locally, without additional work visas

Application form
  • Applicants must be over 18 years old

  • Purchase of real estate worth 250,000 Euros or more in Greece

  • Before submitting the materials to the immigration office for the first time, the applicant must hold a Schengen visa valid for 90 days

  • Applicants need to provide proof of no criminal record

Application process
  • Project consultation and review of immigration qualifications

  • Customize immigration plan and recommend real estate

  • Preparation of immigration documents and translation of texts

  • Assist in handling visas for the first visit to Greece, and arrange house purchase inspection activities in Greece

  • Go to Greece to investigate, buy a house, make payment, and sign relevant application files

  • Assist the applicant to go through immigration formalities at the Greek Immigration Office

  • Closely follow up the progress of the Greek Immigration Bureau's review of immigration cases

  • Other follow-up services

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