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UK Tier 1 Investor

​UK Tier 1 Investor

The Tier 1 Investor Program in UK does not require any English language proficiency, business or management backgrounds or academic qualifications from applicants. Investors only need to invest £2 million in UK financial markets, companies or designated financial products to obtain a Leave To Remain. After obtaining the visa, each family member can be included in the National Health Service (NHS), and children can enjoy free education. After 5 years, once the investment requirements, length of stay and English language level are satisfied, then one can apply to become a permanent resident (Indefinite Leave To Remain /ILR). After that, one can apply for citizenship (Citizen), and obtain a British passport.


Programme Advantages/ Features

  • All immediate members can be included in the same application

  • No English, business management background, academic qualifications required

  • Simple and short processing time. It only takes 1 to 4 months to obtain a visa

  • Children can enjoy free education after obtaining the Leave To Remain visa

  • Freedom to enter and exit the country during your stay, but one cannot stay away for more than 6 months per year



  • Aged 18 or above

  • Open a bank account in the United Kingdom (Explanation on the sources of Fund required)

  • Invest 2 million pounds in UK into UK financial markets, enterprise or designated financial products such as stocks, funds, etc., but cannot include properties, treasury bonds

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