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Ireland is a popular tourist area in the United Kingdom. Its citizens can enjoy the right to freely enter and live in the United Kingdom, and enjoy the same educational and medical benefits as British citizens. It is a place suitable for people who want their children to receive a pure English education.

Project Benefits

  • Low application requirement threshold: no language, academic qualifications, management experience and other requirements

  • Short processing cycle: the application cycle is about 6 months

  • Worry-free investment: the project is government supported and approved before investment

  • No immigration supervision: only need to land in Ireland once a year

  • Springboard to Britain: as one of the six major English-speaking countries in the world, you can freely travel between Britain and Ireland due to their reciprocal agreement

  • High-quality social welfare: you can work, do business, study in Ireland, and enjoy the country's education and medical benefits

  • Tax haven: low tax, non-global taxation


Application form

  • The main applicant is over 18 years old, and deputy applicant is spouse or unmarried children under 18, or unmarried children aged 18-24 full-time studying;

  • Possess more than 2 million euros in assets and provide proof (of which the source of funds from 1 million euros of investment needs to be explained)

  • Donate 500,000 Euros or invest 100 Euros to purchase government-designated funds

  • No criminal record


Application process

  • Project consultation and review of immigration qualifications

  • Sign legal appointment agreement and prepare initial application materials

  • The lawyer reviews the final materials and submits the application to the Immigration Bureau

  • The investor transfers the funds after receiving the approval letter

  • Investors apply for entry visas

  • Investors and affiliated applicants enter Ireland

  • • Upon arrival to Ireland biometric information will be collected and exchange for ID cards and other documents will be carried out

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