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The Republic of Ireland, or Ireland for short, is a European country that stands opposite the UK across the sea. It is known as the "Emerald Isle," "Green Island," and "Emerald." It covers an area of ​​70,273 square kilometers and is an island nation on the northwestern coast of Europe. One sixth of the northeast belongs to the United Kingdom, the rest to the Republic of Ireland, the capital is Dublin, the official language is Irish and English.

Application requirements

- The main applicant is over 18 years of age with no criminal record
- Household net worth of at least 2 million euros
- Investing at least € 1 million in a single or multiple businesses in Ireland, companies must be registered in Ireland or headquartered in Ireland
- Investment period is 5 years*
- The main applicant is required to prove the legal source of € 1 million investment money
- Purchase medical insurance

* The official requirement is that the investment period is 3 years, but the investment period for retirement homes involving the operation of enterprises is 5 years                


Project Benefits

- No education qualifications, language, work experience, business background requirements.

- One-stop access to a long-term residence visa
- Investment can be made after approval received for investment security
- Fast approval, 4 months to immigrate to Europe
- No residence requirements, only need to land once a year for at least one day
- Have a British Irish Visa Scheme (BIVS) visa to travel to and from the United Kingdom for a maximum of 90 days at a time, can do

  multiple trips a year - Spouses or common-law partners, children under 8 years old and children between 18-24 years of age who

  are unmarried, full-time undergraduates, and dependent on the primary applicant, may travel with them

Application Process

- Free consultation
- Sign contract
- Prepare files
- Submit the application
- After receiving the approval letter, complete the investment
- Submit an Irish visa application
- Land in Ireland to obtain a residence permit
- Renewal of residence permit (to comply with relevant requirements)
- Apply for naturalization (in line with the relevant requirements)

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