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What it feels like to work with us and how we find potential employees

We need you

More intelligent than others, if you instinctively imagine "supposing ... If ... " Then you put the latest development into digital, constantly wondering what is up to date and speeding up the industry's exchange of views. You can see the big picture, and don't ignore every detail, never stop, try to make things better.

Fascinated by the drive to digitize and excited about what we do-that's us. We are committed to getting the best results for our customers, especially if we do something that no one has done before.
Colleagues, customer groups, media owners, we think like a team, with our partner electronic group- we work together to create an online experience that allows people to truly link together.

We hire the best people and you can find like-minded partners in every corner of our organization. Therefore, it is beyond doubt that our team often gathers together in addition to work. Usually there are social activities, from the team to build a cup after work, can also help our team development. Visit our Facebook and see what we've been doing lately.

If you are passionate about the immigrant project and hope to develop your personal career in a harmonious and caring work environment, please join us!

For those who wish to apply, please write your application and submit your resume in email, or email your CV to for the position you wish to apply for.

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Awarded "Hong Kong Most Popular Brand" by Asia Brand Development Association, Awarded "Heart to Heart Company" by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Awarded "Hong Kong Most Valuable Company Award" by Mediazone Limited, Awarded by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service as a "Caring Company" and have won the recognition and affirmation of customers, partners and those in the industry.

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