British Tier 1 Corporate Immigration - (Suspended)


Britain is a world-renowned country with a long history of traditional culture and monuments and is a symbol of sophistication. At the same time it has the energy of the bustling city and is one of the world's three major financial centers and can experience the passion of football.

Application requirements

- Investment of at least 200,000 pounds
- Invest / start a business in the UK
- The applicant must become a director of the business
- Create at least 2 job opportunities locally – must be at least 16 years of age
- Pass physical examination and tuberculosis test
- No criminal record
- IELTS Reading, speaking, listening, writing score of at least 4.0.
- CEFR score of at least 4.0
- Live in Britan for at least 186 days each year. After 5 years can apply for permanent residency;
- After becoming a permanent resident, you must reside at least 275 days in a year to be eligible to apply for naturalization (UK



Project Benefits

- Simple and quick application - approval time takes 3-4 months
- Can enjoy great benefits with a small investment
- No education requirements, no business management experience, no language requirements
- To allow dual citizenship and visa-free access to more than 100 countries, covering all EU countries
- Social stability, good law and order, sound legal system
- One of the most economically developed countries in Europe and the third largest financial center in the world
- Free entry to and departure from the UK during the five-year stay, but can only reside outside of the UK for 6 months each year.
- The whole family can enjoy free medical benefits
- The top four universities in the prestigious International QS World University Rankings are UK universities

Application Process

- Preliminary assessment and signing of the agreement
- Open a British bank account
- Deposit amount of investment
- Obtain asset proof from the bank
- Proof of English proficiency
- Medical examination
- Preparation plan
- Application to be submitted to the British Consulate
- British government visa department interview
- Issued 3 years and 4 months entry visa
- Must enter UK within 6 months and complete the investment requirements
- Apply for permanent residence under UK law after 5-years

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Qualified Education Agent Counsellor Number : Q722







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