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Hong Kong Capital Investment Entrant Scheme

*** The Capital Investment Entrant Scheme will be suspended from January 15, 2015 until further notice. ***
The purpose of the Immigrant Investor Program is to allow those who bring their money to Hong Kong but will not engage in any business, to stay in Hong Kong. Investors can choose their own investment projects from different permitted investment asset classes without the need to start or run a business.

Application requirements

- Applicants are required to have foreign citizenship (other than nationals from Afghanistan, Cuba and North Korea) or Chinese 

  nationals who have acquired foreign permanent resident status (including Macao and Taiwan residents)
- Applicants must have an asset proof of not less than HK $ 10 million (including bank deposits, real estate, stock bonds, corporate

  assets or other assets) for the 2 years prior to the application.
Applicants need to invest not less than HK $ 10 million in Hong Kong financial assets (such as stocks, bonds, funds, fixed rate notes, 

  etc.) for an investment period of 7 years. After 7 years, the applicant can apply to become Hong Kong permanent

Program Benefits

- 12 years of free education
- Global passport
- Low tax rate and simple tax system
- Business friendly government policies
- Good location
- World class medical treatment
- No birth rate restrictions

Application Process

- Free professional consultation assessment
- Sign contract
- Pay the relevant costs
- Apply for a third country passport (e.g. Gambia) (If Required)
- Submit application
- Obtain the file number
- Receive notification of formal approval and entry visa
- Invest HK $ 10 million in Hong Kong
- Obtain official approval and residence permit
- Obtain Hong Kong resident ID card

- Arrive in Hong Kong

- No residency restrictions.

- Processing time is approximately 12 months

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Migration Agents Registration Number (MARN): 1683603

Qualified Education Agent Counsellor Number : Q722

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