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Malaysia - My Second Home Program


Malaysia is home to mountains and rivers, with the influence of colonial culture, showing a diverse face, from ethnicities and landscapes to the streets; all exude a unique charm. Experience the culture of Asia, China, Taiwan, and Hakka, all of which are made possible by the integration of Malays, Chinese, Indians and ethnic minorities. Its political stability, beautiful environment, rich natural resources, coupled with little change in temperature throughout the year, makes it a good place to live and recuperate.

Application requirements

  • The main applicant is between 21 and 49 years of age;-

  • No criminal record

  Investment Plan:                    

  • Current asset proof of RM500,000 or more,  -

  •  Term deposit amounting to RM300,000 (can withdraw up to RM150 after one year), or certify that the current monthly income is RM10,000 or above

  Real Estate Purchase Program:                     

  • Invest more than RM1 million million) in real estate

  • Term deposits of 150,000 ringgit                    

  •  For applicants aged 50+

  Investment Plan:                        

  • Current assets of 350,000 ringgit or more,  -

  • Term deposits amount to RM150 (up to RM50,000 after one year), or prove that you now earn RM10,000 or more per month

  Real Estate Purchase Program:                          

  • Term deposits of 100000 ringgit                 


Project Benefits

  • Approval is fast,  the fastest applications can receive visas in 2 months

  • Permanent visa, there are no minimum residency requirements

  • Minimal investment requirements -  only need to deposit 300,000 ringgit

  • Investment security, very low risk

  • Low approval threshold, no age limit, no English requirement, no proof of source of assets

  • One application and the whole family is approved as well (spouse, unmarried children under the age of 21), and parents (above 60 years of age) can follow

Application Process

  • Free consultation-

  • Sign the contract

  • Prepare Files

  • Submit the application

  • Get approved in principle

  • Arrive in Malaysia for medical examination and investment

  • Submit a supplementary file

  • 10-year visa granted

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