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Taiwan Investment Immigration
 (Hong Kong and Macao residents)
Taiwan is a beautiful island, both bustling and lively Taipei, or Tainan known for its natural ecology and cultural relics. As long as you are in Taiwan, you can feel Taiwan's attitude towards slow living and its insistence on good food.

Application requirements
- Applicants must hold Hong Kong / Macau SAR passport
- Invest NT 6 million (approximately HK $ 1.5 million) to set up a company in Taiwan
- Commit to operate the business at least 3 years and hire 2 or more local employees 
- No criminal record
- Pass the physical examination

* Can bring family members, spouse, unmarried children under the age of 20. All family members must be Hong Kong-Macau permanent residents.

Project Benefits
- Short application time, the fastest only takes 1 year
- Low investment amount, does not require a turnover
- Nationals enjoy high-quality universal health insurance and high-quality medical services
- Cultural harmony
- Low-cost high-quality life
- Passport provides visa-free access to 160 countries around the world. Facilitates business travel
Application Process
- Preliminary assessment and signing of the agreement
- Set up company and customer documents
- Go to Taiwan to open a bank account and have medical examination
- Remittances and capital verification
- Set up company registration
- Obtain a residence permit
- After you meet your residency requirements, apply for a permanent residence permit
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